Torginol Domino

Torginol Domino

Domino garage floor flakes.



Discover a new dimension of home improvements with the Torginol Domino Garage Floor Flake. This product transforms dull, lifeless concrete floors into vibrant, stylish surfaces that are visually appealing, highly durable, and resistant to wear and tear.

The Torginol Domino Garage Floor Flake offers unparalleled style, performance, and longevity. Each flake’s distinct black and white Domino pattern creates a unique, contemporary aesthetic, perfect for updating your garage or other concrete surfaces. It’s an investment in the look and feel of your property and an upgrade that can significantly boost the value of your home.

This garage floor flake is crafted from the highest quality materials, ensuring superior strength and durability. Made to withstand heavy traffic and harsh conditions, the Torginol Domino Garage Floor Flake resists chipping, peeling, and fading. It retains its captivating Domino aesthetic, even under constant use, ensuring that your garage floor looks fresh and new for years to come.

Installation is a breeze. Simply spread the flakes onto your chosen surface and seal with a clear top coat. The Torginol Domino Garage Floor Flake adheres strongly to any concrete surface, providing a firm, non-slip grip that adds a layer of safety to your garage. Moreover, these garage floor flakes are resistant to common garage spills, such as oil and antifreeze, making them incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

What makes the Torginol Domino Garage Floor Flake stand out is its versatility. Beyond the garage, it’s suitable for use in various residential and commercial settings. Imagine it adorning your basement floors, patios, showrooms, or commercial garages. This garage floor flake has you covered anywhere you need a durable, stylish flooring solution.

Furthermore, it’s an environmentally conscious choice. The Torginol Domino Garage Floor Flake is created with sustainability in mind, contributing towards a healthier, greener planet. So, by choosing this product, you are improving your home and making a responsible decision for the environment.

Last but not least, the Torginol Domino Garage Floor Flake comes from a brand with a longstanding reputation for quality and innovation. Torginol has been transforming spaces with their superior flooring products for over half a century, and this domino garage floor flake is no exception.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a visually striking, durable, and easy-to-maintain solution for your garage or other concrete surface, look no further than the Torginol Domino Garage Floor Flake. This product delivers a unique blend of style and functionality that can dramatically enhance the aesthetics and practicality of any space. So experience the difference today – refresh your garage, elevate your property’s value, and invest in a solution that stands the test of time with the Torginol Domino Garage Floor Flake.


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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 11.75 × 13.25 × 14.5 in

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