Onfloor 20 Pro

For those seeking a multi-functional, powerful, yet intuitive piece of machinery, the Onfloor 20 Pro offers a surprisingly nimble response. Embodying the perfect blend of lightweight design and heavyweight performance, the 20Pro consistently delivers beyond expectations. The patented tri-belt technology ensures an exquisite Spirograph pattern on the floor and maximum operational efficiency.

Each minute detail of the Onfloor 20 Pro design has been meticulously crafted. It emphasizes user comfort and efficiency, from its unique tool attachment system that delicately traces the contour of the substrate to its ability to work on varying surfaces. This seamless operation ensures an evenly treated surface devoid of unnecessary abrasions.

A standout feature of the 20Pro is its sheer endurance. It powers through concrete at a staggering rate, capable of prepping more than 600 square feet per hour per grit. A single-phase 208-240V power source makes all this possible, a testament to its efficient design and power optimization.

The Onfloor 20Pro, therefore, is not merely a machine but a symphony of engineering excellence, where each feature comes together to create a seamless and powerful performance. Its tagline ‘Fast n’ Easy’ rings true, encapsulating the essence of the machine – swift, efficient, and effortless. Harness the power of the Onfloor 20 Pro and step into a realm of unparalleled efficiency and convenience.

An embodiment of power and efficiency, the 20Pro can readjust over 600 square feet of concrete per hour per grit, all powered by a humble single-phase 208-240V source. An encounter with Onfloor 20 Pro is an expedition of ‘Fast n’ Easy’, blending the worlds of speed and convenience like never before.

Discover the Power of the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder: A Comprehensive Review

If you’ve been looking for a grinder that offers efficient operation, versatile functionality, and impressive power, your search ends with the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder. This high-performance grinding machine has been thoughtfully designed to tackle even the most challenging surface preparation tasks. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the standout features of the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder that set it apart from the competition.

Large 20″ Cutting Path for Efficient Operation

Time is a crucial factor in any grinding job. The Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder addresses this with a large 20″ cutting path, allowing you to cover more ground in less time. This broad cutting swath significantly boosts your productivity, enabling you to complete larger projects faster and more efficiently.

Fits Through Standard Door for Greater Accessibility

Never be restricted by space again! Despite its large cutting path, the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder is designed to fit through a standard door. This feature provides high-production access to smaller floors, ensuring every job is manageable for this versatile machine.

Heavy-Duty Belt System for Uninterrupted Operation

One of the distinguishing features of the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder is its heavy-duty belt system. This design ensures continuous operation with minimal downtime. Whether preparing a surface for new flooring or tackling a major renovation, you can count on the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder to keep up with your demands.

Maximum Grinding Pressure of up to 302 lbs

With a grinding pressure of up to 302 lbs, the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder offers an unrivaled level of productivity. The increased grinding pressure translates into more effective material removal, allowing you to complete your grinding tasks more efficiently.

Variable Speed Control for Tailored Performance

Every grinding job is unique, and the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder’s variable speed control allows you to adapt to each project’s specific requirements. You can adjust the machine’s speed to maximize efficiency, ensuring optimal performance and results.

Patented Triple Belt Planetary for Enhanced Torque

The Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder utilizes a patented Triple Belt Planetary system that generates more torque with less power. This innovation ensures you have all the power you need without excessive energy consumption, making the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder as energy-efficient as it is effective.

Patented Flexible Tool Plates for Faster Production

Another groundbreaking feature of the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder is its patented Flexible Tool Plates. These plates follow the contour of the floor, enabling faster and more accurate grinding. This feature ensures you get a perfectly prepared surface every time, all while increasing production speed.

Removable Handle for Easy Mobilization

Regarding transportation, the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder’s removable handle reduces the machine’s overall height, making it easier to move from site to site. This design feature eliminates the need for disassembly, saving you time and effort.

Self-Maintenance Platform for Quick Repairs

Maintenance is a breeze with the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder. The grinder’s self-maintenance platform allows you to replace belts and bearings in minutes, not hours. This efficient approach minimizes downtime, keeps your machine in peak condition, and ensures your project stays on schedule.

Wet/Dry Operation for Versatility

The Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder doesn’t restrict you to one mode of operation. It is equipped for both wet and dry operation, giving you the flexibility to choose the most appropriate method for your job. Depending on the nature of your grinding task, you can operate the machine dry with a dust collector or wet with water. This versatility ensures optimal results, regardless of the environment or materials involved.


The Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder is more than just a powerful grinder. It’s a comprehensive solution that simplifies your grinding tasks while enhancing productivity. It takes the stress out of surface preparation with unique features such as a large 20″ cutting path, a heavy-duty belt system, and up to 302 lbs of grinding pressure.

Not to mention the patented Triple Belt Planetary system and Flexible Tool Plates, which work in unison to provide faster, more accurate grinding. And with a removable handle for easy mobilization, a self-maintenance platform for quick repairs, and wet/dry operation, it’s clear that this grinder was designed with user convenience and versatility in mind.

Whether you’re a seasoned contractor looking to upgrade your equipment or a DIY enthusiast embarking on a major renovation, the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder is an investment that guarantees returns in improved efficiency, high-quality results, and hassle-free operation.

Explore the power and efficiency of the Onfloor 20 Pro Grinder, and take your surface preparation projects to the next level!

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